Iranian Cameraman Defects Just in Time For US State Dept. to Frame Iran With Nukes

Susanne Posel, Contributor
Activist Post

Miraculously, the US State Department has recently received a request for asylum in America from an Iranian defector who provided video of Iranian nuclear facilities at Natanz. Hassan Golkhanban, journalist and former member of the loyal Bassij militia and cameraman for Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad during the last appearance at the UN has turned over “the most complete and updated footage” that just happened to be carted to the UN General Assembly meeting last month.

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) then received the mass of photos and videos of secret nuclear and missile sites from Golkhanban. Amid them are elite interior shots of the Natanz nuclear complex, the Fordo underground enrichment plant, the Parchin military complex and the small Amir-Abad research reactor in Iran. In return, Golkhanban is now at an undisclosed CIA safe house under close guard.

Golkhanban remained behind in New York as Ahmedinejad’s entourage left for Iran. He contacted the US State Department and subsequent CIA not long after to hand over the information. As if done with many suspicious defectors, the US government offers bribes, witness protection and cash for intelligence. The turn-tail of Golkhanban is evidence of this practice.

Paul O’Dwyer, member of the Zionist-controlled media out of New York and attorney for the defector is claiming that Golkhanban “was being threatened because of what he thought would happen when he went back.”

This revelation comes at a fortuitous time for the US State Department. US and Israeli intelligence have been working hard to produce evidence of a nuclear weapons program in Iran and coming up short. Now Golkhanban just happens to have the documentation needed.

In preparation for WW III, Israel has deployed their US-made Patriot missile in lieu of a fake threat they claim has been made by the Iranian group Hezbollah.

Experts in Israel are saying that the nuclear facility in Dimona, Israel is the suspected target of intelligence gathering missions conducted by Hezbollah with drones.

The Israeli Air Force believes that Hezbollah, sub-headquartered in southern Lebanon, are working with the Shite Muslim Militia. Since it is supposed that these men are armed with sophisticated technological drones and improvised explosive devices (IEDs), Iran must be the supplier of the weaponry which would assume a strategic plot by Iran to terrorize Israel with these subversive groups.

The actual reality is that Israel with the US are supporting terrorist factions like the Syrian National Council who have ties to the Bilderberg Group and facilitating the use of the Free Syrian Army; an al-Qaeda recruited group of men who are trained by the CIA in Turkey and sent over the border into Syria to fight the US/Israeli proxy war against Syrian President Assad.

Last week, foreigners incited a riot in Iran over the failing worth of the Ra-il, the Iranian currency that has been severely affected by the US-imposed sanctions.

Thanks to the Zionists at AIPAC, and HR 1905, Obama further tightened the economic abilities of Iran which was designed to cause an uprising within the country.

In August, AIPAC demanded that the US Congress create a “virtual state of war with Iran, even though Iran has no nuclear weapons program.” The prior sanctions on Iran stemmed from the Iran Threat Reduction Act, which had tightened a financial noose around Iran’s ability to conduct business in their country. However, since then, countries that purchase Iranian oil (such as India, China and Russia) have traded in gold instead; leaving the US Petro-dollar to suffer and threaten the US dollar’s status as the global reserve currency.

AIPAC proudly stated that they have the backing of the UN as well as the US to impose “economic pressure on Iran”.

Ahmadinejad maintains that there is a psychological war being played in Iran by the US and Zionist-controlled Israel. He said “sanctions hurt the people, not the government.”

As Patrick Clawson, deputy director of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy and Zionist Trotskyite explained recently, Obama has had a difficult time “getting the US into a war with Iran.”

Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi publicly stated that the sanctions are not intimidating the leaders of his country. Salehi said: “It’s not a big deal. The sanctions create inconveniences. For over 30 years now, we have been living with boycott measures that ultimately make us independent and strong.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was travelling through Europe last week with a message of refocusing toward sanctioning Iran before pursuing military strike. Netanyahu retorted that he believes that Iran will not back down and by pursuing sanctions, “This will give more time for diplomacy to convince Iran to dismantle its nuclear weapons program altogether.”

Iran’s collaboration with the BRICs nations, their use of gold as currency which has threatened the US dollar as the petro-dollar and global reserve currency has been at the backdrop of this pending war with Iran. The Zionist-controlled nations are gearing up to use military force in order to eradicate the BRIC’s threat as the new power force in the march toward One World Government.

In the conflict over who will rule the world, the Zionist regime is using proxy war in Syria, sanctions on Iran and all the technocratic power at their disposal to defeat the BRICs nations. To thwart this effort, the BRICs nations are backing their fiat currency in gold and preparing to go to war to secure their place in the hierarchy. Russia and China have clearly stated in the press that they demand that the Zionist regime, through efforts by the US and Israeli governments, cease their terrorism of Syria and Iran.

As has been eluded to by the Zionist-controlled Netanyahu and Obama, perhaps after the November elections, or the spring of 2013, we all shall see the manifestation of their globalist intentions.

Susanne Posel is the Chief Editor of Occupy Corporatism. Our alternative news site is dedicated to reporting the news as it actually happens; not as it is spun by the corporately funded mainstream media. You can find us on our Facebook page.

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