New Details in the College Student Massacre in Nigeria

We’re receiving more details of that gruesome massacre of Christian college students in Mubi, Nigeria last week.

It happened about 10 p.m., Oct 1, in off-campus dorm rooms. Gunmen reportedly rounded up students and demanded to know their names. If they gave a Christian name, they were given a chance to deny their Christian faith and convert to Islam by reciting the shahada (Muslim prayer of faith). If they refused, and stood firm in their Christian faith, they were either shot or stabbed to death on the spot.

Survivors say some Muslims were also murdered (either mistakenly or intentionally). Those who gave Muslim names were required to say a Koranic prayer to prove their faith. If they could not recite the prayer, they were killed.

I talked with Washington attorney Emmanuel Ogebe. He’s a Nigerian who works with Jubilee Campaign U.S.A. on their Justice for Jos project.

Emmanuel asks our viewers to pray for Nigeria and urge the U.S. State Department and the U.S. Congress to designate the militant Nigerian group Boko Haram a terrorist organization. This would help fund efforts to combat these Islamic extremists who are targeting Nigerian Christians and churches for attack. At least 24 churches, more than one every other week, have been attacked so far this year.

For more on the Mubi Christian college student massacre–the worst college campus attack in Nigerian history–watch my interview with Emmanuel Ogebe here: via The Global Lane


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