ADHD drugs prescribed to ‘all academically struggling’ children

There is a frightening new trend in the medical community: prescribing psychoactive stimulant medication to children from low-income families to boost their academic performance. To be more clear, doctors are actually prescribing ADHD drugs to students who are academically struggling. Here’s the kicker: the kids don’t have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Evening the Scales

One proponent of the trend, Dr. Michael Anderson, says that ADHD is a “made up…excuse” for the real illness, which is a social and educational environment unwilling to spend money on changing the environment and instead opting to change the child. A self-professed “social justice thinker,” Anderson knows that many families cannot afford behavior-based therapy for their children. He sees the practice of issuing Adderall to children without ADHD as “evening the scales a little bit.”

Dr. William Graf, a pediatrician who also sees many children from poor families, has his concerns with the practice. “These children are still in the developmental phase, and we still don’t know how these drugs biologically affect the developing brain.”

When the New York Times tried to contact educators to speak on the topic of ADHD, many resisted interviews and some – like a superintendent of a major school district in California – only spoke anonymously.

“It’s scary to think…how not funding public education to meet the needs of all kids has led to this.”

Signs of the Times


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