Turkey Moves Tanks To Hilltops Overlooking Syria

At first, Israel seemed to be the best bet as a catalyst for widespread conflict in the Middle East, but never discount Turkey, which has been the West’s go to country for mounting invasions into numerous nations for decades.  This time around, it appears as though Turkey might be used as a proxy to begin a massive shooting war with Syria, perhaps because their first proxy, the Al-Qaeda run “revolutionaries” within Syria, have proven to be completely ineffective.  Serve up one false flag shelling that is then blamed on Assad (though no reason or motive is ever given as to why Assad would take such an unnecessary risk), and presto!  Instant cause for preemption!  I suppose it’s time for the elites to up the ante, and finally create a REAL excuse for NATO intervention in the region…


Turkey’s government threatened to respond to any further attacks by Syrian forces, after shelling across the frontier last week killed five Turkish citizens.

“Turkey will retaliate if Syria violates its border again,” Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said at a news conference today in Istanbul. “We will do what’s necessary. We hope Syria won’t repeat its previous violation of the border.”

Turkey yesterday deployed tanks and missile-defense systems on hilltops overlooking Syria, the state-run Anatolia news agency said, hours after Turkish jet fighters were scrambled to confront a Syrian helicopter that came close to the border. Turkey has threatened to target Syrian forces if they pose a security risk, following the downing of a Turkish fighter jet by Syria in June.

Turkey’s ties with Syria, once an ally, dramatically deteriorated over Turkish backing for Syrian rebels fighting forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad. Turkey fired artillery in response to Syrian shelling that killed the five people in the Turkish border town of Akcakale on Oct. 3.




MSM Feed http://www.alt-market.com/msm/1093-turkey-moves-tanks-to-hilltops-overlooking-syria


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