MILITARY INSIDER: Ambassador Rice Just Confirmed Obama White House Lie

In a recent interview with the very Obama-friendly Washington Post, Ambassador Susan Rice said something very interesting that would appear to confirm the belief that it was senior advisers within the Obama White House who told her to lie to the American public regarding the true nature of the Benghazi Massacre that killed four Americans – including a United States ambassador.  According to a longtime military insider, the quote from Ambassador Rice leaves NO DOUBT – it was the Obama White House that told her exactly what to say.


In an interview with The Washington Post published on Tuesday, Susan Rice, the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, said, according to The Post’s characterization, that  “she relied on daily updates from intelligence agencies in the days before her television appearances and on a set of talking points prepared for senior members of the administration by intelligence officials.  LINK


A figure with long standing ties to the United States defense industry, received this bit of information from a longtime Military Insider,  and then passed it along to me.  I am now, with their permission,  sharing it with all of you…

Rice just told media she was relying on “intelligence agency talking points” before going public with her version of Benghazi.

We provide intel.  We don’t tell an administration how to sell that intel to the public.  We don’t do “talking points”.  Any talking points received came directly from administration.  They packaged it.  They delivered their version of it.  Rice just admitted to that.  Confirmation of Obama White House lie.  Will forward to committee with assessment.  –NAME DELETED- pushing for hearing announcement no later than 23rd.


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