Mysterious incidents Continue to be reported in Westmoreland County and Statewide

Mysterious incidents Continue to be reported in Westmoreland County and Statewide

This year has been very active with UFO sightings and strange creature encounters. I have interviewed  witnesses who experienced some truly strange experiences, some of which were life changing. People have reported close range and low level observations of what appeared to be aerial craft of unknown origin. Others have reported encounters with Bigfoot, giant birds, black panthers and a variety of even stranger unknown beasts from across the state including some from around the greater Pittsburgh area.

I have written about the 8 foot tall, leathery winged humanoid reported by various witnesses in Butler County in March of 2011, and possibly more recently. I received information that a witness reportedly observed a similar creature in a rural area of Westmoreland County during this past summer. I hope this man contacts me so I can obtain more details.

I have been hearing other reports in past months from people living along the Chestnut Ridge and other nearby locations concerning possible Bigfoot sightings, strange screaming sounds, and odd smells. I was told that a Bigfoot sighting had occurred around Gray Station in early August. The Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society (PBS) has also been receiving some interesting reports from that same area, which has had a lot of history of such creature encounters.

The PBS learned of a game camera photo taken in late August from that general area that shows what appears to be a back shot of some type of hair covered creature. The PBS is looking into the incident. The PBS also had a report from the Ligonier area of a giant footprint that was discovered in September. More recently I have heard that strange animal screams and the sound of something large and bipedal, has been heard in the woods of Westmoreland County as well.  If you have any information on these type of reports please contact me.

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