Banker Cull?

Daily Mail –

Why did banker with perfect life take a fatal leap? Fourth tragedy at same City restaurant.

  • Nico Lambrechts posted this tropical holiday photo online three weeks ago
  • But 46-year-old investment analyst fell 80ft to his death from Coq d’Argent
  • The Investec Asset Management worker landed next to diners in London who were enjoying lunch at cafes and bars
  • His wife Adele is too distressed to talk but neighbours said they were baffled



He appeared to have the perfect life. Pictured on a recent tropical holiday, Nico Lambrechts looked a relaxed and contented family man as he posed with his wife.

But less than three weeks after he posted this photograph on the internet, the investment analyst fell 80ft to his death from an exclusive open-air restaurant in London.

The successful 46-year-old took a lift to Sir Terence Conran’s Coq d’Argent at lunchtime and then fell through the atrium within the building.

He landed next to diners who were enjoying lunch at cafes and bars in a shopping complex at the bottom of the building in the City.

Medics reached him within minutes but were unable to save him. He was pronounced dead by a doctor at the scene minutes later.

Mr Lambrechts is thought to have made the short walk to the restaurant from his office at Investec Asset Management in the Square Mile.

Last night neighbours said they were baffled as to why a devoted family man would want to potentially commit suicide.

His wife Adele was too distressed to talk about her loss.

But a neighbour said: ‘He was a really great guy.’

When asked about the reason behind the possible suicide, he said: ‘You never know. He was a random man, unpredictable – you know.’

Mr Lambrechts lived with his wife and three children in a £2million six-bedroom gated home in the upmarket town of Cobham, Surrey.

He took his family on luxury holidays to destinations such as Venice.

The banker’s death last week is the fourth to have occurred at the restaurant and the second in as many months.

In May 2007, City employee Richard Ford, 33, died after he plunged from the terrace onto a bus.

In July 2009 stockbroker Anjool Malde, 24, leapt to his death from the venue holding a glass of champagne after being suspended from his job at Deutsche Bank.

And last month diners watched in horror as businesswoman Rema Begum, 29, took a sip of wine from her glass on the outdoor terrace, before putting her handbag on the floor and then toppling over the edge.

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