Soon in Ireland having sex with a 13 yr old wont be a crime – Its starts with this type of propaganda in the media

Man who had sex with 13-year-old girl does not have paedophile tendencies, says psychologist

A CLINICAL psychologist has told a judge he is satisfied that a man who had sex with a 13-year-old girl does not have paedophile tendencies.

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court was told in a previous sentence hearing earlier this month that the 24-year-old man had befriended the teenager through Bebo after using a false name and claiming to be 19 years old.

He continued the contact and later swapped phone numbers. He met the girl over a year later, brought her back to his family home and had sex with her.

The Dublin man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, pleaded guilty to two charges of defilement of a child at his home on April 29, 2011. He has a previous District Court conviction for possession of a knife.

Judge Mary Ellen Ring had adjourned the case after hearing evidence because she was concerned that the man had both “groomed and targeted” his victim.

She noted that a report prepared for the sentence hearing indicated that the man was at “a moderate low risk of re-offending” but said she wanted the report updated to specifically address “the targeting element” of the case.

Today, Doctor Patrick Randall, who had prepared the original report, told Judge Ring that he was satisfied that the man does not have paedophilic tendencies but rather “gravitates towards younger people because he is more comfortable with them”.

He agreed with Judge Ring that the man’s emotional maturity had essentially “stalled”.

Dr Randall told Paul Greene SC, defending, that it was well known that Bebo is essentially used by younger teenagers and said he believed it was “no accident” that the man had specifically used this social networking site.

“I don’t believe, however, that he exclusively or specifically targeted this age group over any other age group,” Dr Randall said.

When asked by Roisin Lacey BL, prosecuting, to clarify this statement which she described as a “little confused” Dr Randall explained; “He has not a well practised way of being with girls his own age.”

“He therefore gravitates towards younger people he feels more comfortable with them,” the doctor continued.

He said he concluded that the man’s “sexual interests” were age-appropriate and he did not have paedophilic tendencies.

“He looked to access young people who he has an emotional affinity with but he does not have an interest in pre-pubescent children,” Dr Randall told Ms Lacey.

He agreed with counsel that the man did have a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old girl when he himself was 17.

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