When you’re at rest, your brain’s right side hums

There’s plenty of brain activity even when people are thinking nothing at all. But it’s the brain’s right side – for most people the less-dominant half – that stays busiest while you’re at rest, according to surprising new findings.

Researchers found that during periods of wakeful rest, the right hemisphere of the brain chatters more to itself than the left hemisphere does. It also sends more messages to the left hemisphere than vice versa. Surprisingly, this remains true whether the owner of the brain is left- or right-handed. That seems odd, because in right-handed people the left hemisphere is the dominant one, and in left-handed people the right is usually more dominant.

Andrei Medvedev of Georgetown University Medical Center’s Center for Functional and Molecular Imaging asked 15 study participants to sit peacefully and let their minds drift while they wore a cap that measured brain activity.

This resting state, previously found to improve memory, “is a special state when the brain tries to deal with information that was acquired during previous active states,” Medvedev told LiveScience.

Signs of the Times http://www.sott.net/article/252520-When-you-re-at-rest-your-brains-right-side-hums


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