PCBs and Infertility: A Subject the Elites Do Not Want You to Know About


According to the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR), approximately 99 percent of the PCBs used by U.S. industry were produced by the Monsanto Chemical Company.

Have you ever noticed how rarely known endocrine disruptor polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are mentioned in the Western mainstream media?  Probably not a coincidence as that particular pollutant is what ZetaTalk has told us would eventually cause the extinction (or near extinction) of full-blood humans.

So when the Aftertimes days are gloomy and the drizzle seemingly never ending, please remember the earth will graduate to fourth density and solidly service to other humans will continue their lessons as fourth density Zeta-Human Hybrids.  Life on 4D earth will be good.

The pole shift is catastrophic, but absent the vote of earth’s inhabitants, the wise decrees of the Council of Worlds, and the caring assistance of STO ETs, it would actually be a lot worse.

Don’t know if early puberty in boys and girls is related to PCBs, but a recent article in the New York Times makes this long-time ZetaTalk fan wonder if there is a connection.

Boys Now Enter Puberty Younger,
Study Suggests, but It’s Unclear Why

By Pam Belluck  Published: October 20, 2012

A large study released by the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that boys are entering puberty earlier now than several decades ago — or at least earlier than the time frame doctors have historically used as a benchmark.

The study, widely considered the most reliable attempt to measure puberty in American boys, estimates that boys are showing signs of puberty six months to two years earlier than was reported in previous research, which historically taught that 11 ½ was the general age puberty began in boys. But experts cautioned that because previous studies were smaller or used different approaches, it is difficult to say how much earlier boys might be developing.

The study echoes research on girls, which has now established a scientific consensus that they are showing breast development earlier than in the past.

The study, which was to be announced at the Academy of Pediatrict national conference on Saturday and published online in the journal Pediatrics, did not try to determine what might be causing earlier puberty, although it mentioned changes in diet, less physical activity and other environmental factors as possibilities. Experts said that without further research, implications for boys are unclear.

“This should perhaps set a standard going forward for being very attentive to puberty in boys and being mindful that they’re developing earlier,” said Dolores J. Lamb, a molecular endocrinologist at Baylor College of Medicine and president of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. She was not involved in the study.

Praising the study as well done, she said, “Whether the difference is as large as what they say on some papers 40 years ago is not clear.” However, she added, “this is going to be incredibly useful to pediatricians and urologists.”

The new study also found that African-American boys began puberty earlier than whites and Hispanics, a result that other studies have shown also applies to African-American girls. Researchers said that difference is most likely driven by the role of genes in puberty.

On average, black boys in the study showed signs of puberty, primarily identified as growth of the testicles, at a little older than 9, while white and Hispanic boys were a little older than 10.

Several experts said the study should not be seized upon as cause for alarm, but rather as a way to help parents and doctors gauge what to be aware of in boys’ development and whether to start conversations about social issues sooner.

“It was an important study to do, and their methodology is improved over prior studies in that they based their assessment of puberty in boys on what I consider to be the gold standard: the size of the testicles,” said Dr. Laura Bachrach, a professor of pediatric endocrinology at Stanford University.

But the study should not prompt a magazine “cover article that shows a 9-year-old boy shaving,” Dr. Bachrach said. And because some parents fear that early puberty is related to more hormones in milk — speculation that is unproven — “I don’t want people to get up in arms and rush out and buy organic milk,” she said. “When patients ask me, I say, ‘Do that for political reasons or because you like the taste, but don’t do it because you think it’s going to influence puberty.’ ”

For the study, researchers enlisted about 200 pediatricians in 41 states to record information on 4,131 healthy boys ages 6 to 16 during their well-child exams. Physicians were trained to use an orchidometer, a string of oval wooden or plastic beads of increasing size that are compared against the size of the testicles. Urologists use orchidometers to measure testicular volume when men have fertility concerns. Normal adult size is about 22 to 25 milliliters, Dr. Lamb said. In boys, 2 milliliters is pre-pubertal; some doctors consider 3 milliliters and others 4 milliliters as an indicator of puberty, so the study included analysis for both sizes….http://www.nytimes.com/2012/10/20/health/puberty-starting-earlier-in-boys-new-study-suggests.html?hpw&_r=0

ZetaTalk: Worldwide Infertility
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Dropping fertility rates, caused by PCB poisoning worldwide, has been a matter of concern to us during our reproduction program. Not a few of our male donors are frankly infertile, and not daring to admit this to themselves. They announce to their buddies that they have been lucky, in their sexual escapades, but privately anguish about their chances of fathering a child. Worldwide, the frowns are beginning to appear on male faces, and nervous discussion is starting in the women’s circles.

This is not a matter discussed broadly in the media, as it is given Back Page Coverage if any coverage at all. The reason for this hushed tone relates to the cause of the problem, for those who publish are golfing and breakfasting with the perpetrators of the problem, so all is kept quiet. For many decades several major industries dealt in what they knew to be poisons. We are speaking here of PCBs and their derivatives and their relatives. This was economical. The rich stayed away from the poisons, and thought themselves well rid of it, but a horror they never imagined occurred – the poisons escaped into the atmosphere, the waters, the soil, in short went everywhere. Now even the wealthy find their fertility dropping, but ease this pain by resorting to artificial insemination and adoption. What they seek to avoid at this point are repercussions, and thus the results of scientific studies are silenced, repeatedly.

The cause of the infertility is a sequence well understood – the poisons mock female hormones and thus simply confuse the ingestor, who drinks them daily in his water, eats them daily in his food, and is even breathing them with every breath. Can the establishment cleanse the world, and undo their damage? No. What filter does man possess that could wash a poison out of the ocean, or suck a poison out of the winds, or refresh every farmer’s field, worldwide? An antidote is required, and none is in sight.

As long as this situation exists, the matter will be kept hush-hush. Meanwhile, the problem worsens, and threatens to shock a world long concerned with a massive over-population problem. The threshold where a male can no longer impregnate his lady, no matter how valiantly he tries, is about to arrive. And when it does, the cries of newborn babes in hospital corridors will drop dramatically, and merchandisers selling baby supplies will find their sales suddenly plummeting, and formerly busy schools will wonder where their enrollees went. If there is no solution at hand, the problem will not be allowed press time even then, as those who rule the media are too close to those who would take the blame.  http://www.zetatalk.com/science/s10.htm

Babies are found, often, in the arms at homes of couples without hope of bearing their own. Adoption agencies, especially in these times when human fertility is sinking because of PCB’s and their feminizing influence on the male reproductive system, have more eager parents than babies. A black market system sprang up to fill that void, as the funds paid to a snatcher are less than the formal adoption system would require, and so much quicker! Parents in good physical health, with good intelligence as demonstrated by their position in life, are most likely to be looked at for babies to be snatched. But as these parent are also likely to be watchful, they are less likely hit with an abduction. Cute babies, appealing and quick to smile, of a good nature and not given to screaming when touched, are the next likely candidates. Parent who find their babies snatched should at least comfort themselves that the infant is desired, and treated as a treasure, not trashed….  http://www.zetatalk.com/beinghum/b81.htm

ZetaTalk: Pollutants
Note: written on Jan 15, 1996

Mankind lives in an uneasy peace with the poisons he has developed. Some of them, such as lead spewed into the air by cars burning leaded fuels or the chloride compounds eating into the ozone layer, seem innocuous until a buildup occurs. Others, such as tankers of acid or jars of caustic lye, are labeled as poisons and treated accordingly. These poisons, stored in bulk where they are manufactured or by the industries that use them, will explode during the massive earthquakes the cataclysms bring, and spread worldwide by the hurricane force winds. Add to this the stores of nuclear bombs, stockpiled during the cold war, which might be triggered during earthquakes, or leak radiation as would damaged nuclear power plants. How livable will the Earth be, after the cataclysms, when mankind will find all his poisons have spilled in his backyard?

Several factors will be at play during the cataclysms that are not in place during normal times, and these factors change the picture.

  • Poisons, such as acids or caustics, do their worst damage because of their concentration. Diluted, they are essentially harmless. Your stomach acid, in concentration, would eat through your carpet, but diluted is something you are scarcely aware of. Between the tidal waves, the torrential downpours that seem endless after the cataclysms, and the hurricane force winds that accompany the pole shift, dispersal and dilution is very thorough. There will scarcely be any chemical stores that do not rupture and disperse, during the cataclysms. The Aftertime will find mankind with a cleaner environment, due to this, as he will be unprepared and unable to get back into the poison production business for some time.
  • Where radioactive substances, such as those that go into the production of nuclear bombs or nuclear power plants, lie buried or cast upon the surface of the Earth after the cataclysms, the locale will be unhealthy, and would injure those humans living near or on the site. Radiation poisoning can be insidious or devastating, but will not occur worldwide due to the cataclysms for the same reasons that other poison spills will be minimized. Radioactive dust, where explosions do occur, will be dispersed so thoroughly that it is rendered harmless. Where nuclear bombs explode, in their silos or warehouses, and where nuclear power plants rupture and the reactors proceed for a time unchecked, creating a meltdown – there will be radioactivity in the locale, making this unhealthy, but these will be localized problems, not airborne problems.
  • Buried mines, missiles, and armaments will not survive the 15 point Richter scale earthquakes that will jolt the Earth. Munitions that are triggered by a jolt will, one way or the other, explode, thus rendered harmless except to those who might be nearby at the time. Just as your cities will not survive, with tall buildings crashing down, likewise missiles of death will not be spared. Unless deactivated and disassembled, missiles will almost to a one be destroyed. Hand guns munitions, where the bullets can be padded and kept separate, or are placed in a protective fluid, may survive. Thus the weapons of war, a type of pollution in our opinion, will be destroyed.

Note: below added during the Dec 21, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.
Pollution can be viewed from several angles. The bottle of chlorine, considered poison, if poured in a pool will create havoc, but this is a local reaction. Some pollution, like PCB’s, that are long lived and continuously effect, anew, whatever they contact, are more than a single pollutant, they are an endless pollutant, or so to speak. But others engage in chemical reactions, and thus are self limited. Some heavy metals also effect the area only for a short time, then go where heavy metals do, get buried, or trapped in a chemical bond, to be where they were when mankind first discovered them and engaged them in industrial uses. Thus, when mankind looks upon industrial poisons, maintained in tanks, they assume a permanent cesspool, but this is not always the case. Were the contents of all these tanks to mix, there would be gasses, explosions, and eventually the mix returns to what nature does with these chemicals in the first place.

The cave man found the Earth in a state, and this state would be achieved in short order if all the poisons in tanks were left to mix freely. Even radioactivity is only a poison because mankind gathered it together, and if allowed to disburse, would be as the cave man found it. Thus, where we are advising that mankind not linger about industrial sites for the shift, nor settle there afterwards, this is not to say that these poisons will retain their impact for long. Especially where not trapped in small pools, and by this we mean pools, not lakes. Try an experiment. Take the chemicals you fear, that exist in your local industrial park, and mix them together in a fish tank. This must be proportional to the nearby lake or river, to be properly diluted. Add fish, and see what happens! You may be surprised to find that your chemicals, combined, reduce each other’s impact! These noxious chemicals were once non-noxious, in nature, and find their way there again.  http://www.zetatalk.com/poleshft/p59.htm

ZetaTalk: Why Hybrids
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

The Earth is about to become a home for entities in the next stage of spiritual development, or density. Those entities currently in human form who have made their choice for Service-to-Self will eventually leave the Earth, and those who have made their choice for Service-to-Others will remain. Those entities who have not yet chosen will be transported elsewhere when their current incarnation ends, to continue their deliberation. The earth is to become a home for incarnations in the Service-to-Other orientation. If you wish, you may relate this time to the heaven on earth foretold, or the thousand years of peace. This time will neither be a heaven or for a thousand years, however.

And why have we chosen the Earth? Are there not many planets that are habitable and do not already have intelligent species resident? Habitable planets, with vacancies, are not in great abundance, and competition for them is keen. The Earth is due for a Transformation to 4th Density, which is our current density, and humans are genetically similar to Zetans, so hybrids merging the characteristics of both Zetas and humans can give entities with a background in either species a familiar home.

Our hybrid program is to create a new form of human which has greater mental capacity, including capacity for telepathic communication. The human form is being phased out because it is not appropriate for 4th Density Service-to-Others, which requires a mental capacity greater than that you currently enjoy. Those who will be continuing to incarnate on Earth are desirous of this new form. They are being polled continuously, and voting willingly. As the genetic engineers, we are responsible for ensuring that the specifications for a 4th Density incarnation experience in the Service-to-Other orientation are met. We would not, for instance, bring forward violent tendencies, where blinding rage can overtake one on a moments notice, even if the humans voting were to indicate a desire for this. Likewise, a higher intellect is a specification, and even if humans voting were to indicate otherwise, this human vote would be negated by the overriding specification.  http://zetatalk.com/hybrids/h17.htm

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