The Joke’s On Us: Watch Obama and Romney Poke Fun at Themselves, Each Other

Amid one of the most hotly contested elections in U.S. history President Obama and his challenger Governor Mitt Romney take the night off from dirty politics and campaign stops to humor us a little bit.

Poking fun at themselves and each other, the duo delivers a host of zingers and one liners to an audience of well-off New Yorkers, religious leaders, political insiders and business interests.

While funny to watch, as it lightens the mood during this tense election cycle, one can’t help but wonder whether all of these people – including the Presidential candidates themselves – know that this whole thing is nothing more than an elaborate joke on the American people.

Watch and be entertained this Friday by the latest episode in this year’s Election Cycle American Idol.

Governor Romney:

The president’s remarks tonight are brought to you by the letter O and the number 16 trillion.

President Obama:

 In less than three weeks voters in states like Ohio, Virgina and Florida will decide this incredibly important election, which begs the question…. What are we doing here?

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