Eighty-Eight foot Golden Menorahs in Exchange for the Temple Mount and a Rothschild Masonic Temple

The Rothschild Masonic Temple called the International House of Religious Fellowship It appears that the prophetic river is today flowing nearby the Temple Mount. For centuries, students of the prophets have been waiting for the world energy to become focused upon the Temple Mount as it is believed by most that a Jewish Temple will be built before the final battles as the nations of the world arrive to surround the Land of Israel. These nations that will surround Jerusalem will only find a slippery slope and a stumbling block to their best laid dreams of grandeur. King Belteshazzar felt…

Destination Yisra'el http://destination-yisrael.biblesearchers.com/destination-yisrael/2012/10/eighty-eight-foot-golden-menorahs-in-exchange-for-the-temple-mount-and-a-rothschild-masonic-temple.html

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