German Development Bank and UN Population Division accelerate depopulation policies in Yemen

Last week the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and the German Development Bank (KfW) have committed to a program ensuring that their demand for population reduction in Yemen is being realized double quick. Granting 8 million Euros for this new program’s budget, the director of the German Bank Bernd Schönewald joined Anne-Birgitte Albrectsen, the visiting UN Assistant Secretary General and Global Deputy Executive Director for the UNFPA.

“The new funds, which are arriving as support from the German government, will allow the UNFPA to assist the Yemeni government in implementing much-needed projects, and make sure that every pregnancy is wanted and every childbirth safe in Yemen,” Albrectsen said.

At superficial glance, this financial injection in these “much-needed projects” by the Germans fits in with Merkel’s recent advocating of financial rescue programs for ailing EU-members. Her stance has raised many eyebrows, and rightly so. However, when we take into account Germany’s financial assistance to population policies in developing countries such as Yemen not a voice is heard.

These continuous cash flows from European bankers into depopulation programs in developing nations are all but new. The German Development Bank has long endeavored to bring down the Yemen population. In 2010, the Bank put 4.5 million Euros into a campaign to sell population reduction through TV adds and other dissemination outlets. In a 2010 press release by the German Development Bank, its success in bringing down fertility in the nation is being boasted about:

“Since 2005 KfW Entwicklungsbank has been cooperating closely with the Yemen Ministry of Public Health to initiate social campaigns on the topic of health and contraception and to provide subsidized contraceptives.”

Admitting that these social campaigns are “not centered on contraception or protection from HIV”, the Bank states: “that would be unthinkable for the public.” Instead, says KfW health expert Bettina Zoch:

“We are focusing on the topic of health and the risks that too many births pose for mothers and children, and on the topic that having too many children brings poverty.”

Stating that KfW has installed a national foundation in Yemen “fully devoted to the field of health and contraception”, Zoch admits to attracting national celebrities to bring the gospel of depopulation to the Yemini people. Through the Bank’s “in-country” foundation it has “succeeded in attracting not only popular actors for the TV health spots but also Mohamed Al-Shwaiter, a religious leader who encourages men and women in his sermon to practice contraception. And this is working. In selected villages where the education campaigns were tested, the number of people using contraceptives doubled from 9.2 to 18 per cent within a few years”, Zoch stated.

In addition to public brainwashing campaigns, Zoch also stated that the German Bank, through its national foundation, “developed a contraceptive product line of its own under the brand name Protec. The Protec products are being sold by pharmacies and other private sales outlets and are very affordable, putting family planning within reach of many poor people for the first time. The success is reflected by very high sales figures. From 2007 up to early 2010, 5.5 million Protec condoms, one million monthly cycles of oral contraceptives and 348,000 units of three-month injectables were sold, and 85,000 IUDs were inserted in Yemen.” From the 2010 press release:

“These very good figures are an achievement of the broad education campaigns. The spots are broadcast not only on television and in cinemas. Rural villages hold public assemblies where the educational and health films are shown to hundreds and thousands of women. Theater shows are now being performed in schools to reach adolescents, many of whom have not had any sex education. Hairdressers are being advised on how to approach the topic of contraception and HIV in casual conversation with their customers. In mass weddings with up to 200 couples, the Foundation distributes surprise bags with educational material. Village fairs now include quiz shows with educational questions that are particularly popular because of the attractive prizes.”

Apparently the German Bank’s success in bringing down fertility in Yemen spurred the UN’s population division to accelerate its operations in the nation. As the German Development Bank Deputy Head of Mission at the German Embassy Philip Holzapfel stated: “As Chancellor Angela Merkel said when president Hadi visited Berlin, ‘One only needs to have a look at the map to understand how important Yemen is.’”

“Germany”, Holzapfel continued, “is interested in doing everything in its power to help Yemen get out of this difficult period and on a good path for democratic transition and transformation.”


well written dont need death camps to depopulate the earth..or even do it the “legal” way..the one you will agree with and be complicit in.. because thats the way they like it to be..

yemen is very important for so many reasons..great example of the nwo policies in action in real time..


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