Akulivik woman recalls encounter with hairy bigfoot

“This is scary. It has affected my emotions”

Maggie Cruikshank of Akulivik has an incredible story to tell.

Late in the afternoon on a rainy, windy September Saturday she and a cousin went out from Akulivik to pick berries.

“We moved around a lot because we were looking for big berries,” said Cruikshank, a 46-year-old language teacher with the Kativik School Board.

“My cousin noticed something – she thought it was a hunter, but I ignored her because I wanted to go home while the sun was still up. Then, she started to be scared. I got up and looked to where she pointed. It was a very large animal, a bigfoot.”

The creature was black, hairy and without any clothes. “Taller and larger than a man,” said Cruikshank. “It walks like us but not standing straight like us, it can jump and crawl.” And its footprint measures some 40 centimetres.

Signs of the Times http://www.sott.net/article/252615-Akulivik-woman-recalls-encounter-with-hairy-bigfoot


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