Red Dust- “Blood rain” headed in Sweden’s direction

So-called “Blood rain”, or rain loaded with sand and dust from the Sahara desert, could be heading in Sweden’s direction.
Tomorrow it will rain over Denmark, and Joakim Lagner, a meteorologist at the Swedish Meteorological Institute, tells the tabloid Aftonbladet that southern Sweden could be in the risk zone.

Blood rain, or red rain, is not as dangerous as it sounds. In this case, it consists of a rain cloud loaded with dust from the Sahara Desert, heading towards Sweden.

Lagner says that blood rains are not that rare. “It hits Sweden sometimes. I don’t have any statistics but it can happen every five years or so,” he says.

Regardless of whether the blood rain comes or not, southern Sweden should expect rain on Saturday. It will move north during the day.




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