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The bones of Marianne Cope was exhumed on Hawaii on January 26th, 2005. This week the lady who died in 1918 was declared a “saint”.

This is a report from a local newspaper on Hawaii, recording the event of the grave looting in 2005.

An archaeological dig that drew residents and visitors to the grave of an historic caregiver and spiritual leader here is expected to be completed today.

 The exhumation of the body of Mother Marianne Cope drew more than 100 spectators for a rare opportunity to watch scientific experts discover and delicately extract bones, crucifixes, coffin nails and other artifacts from the 1918 burial site.

Lets take a look at the team of grave looters, and come to the spectators.

The picture text explains who these persons are:

 Archaeologist Amy Buffum, left, yesterday explained to Sisters Patricia Burkard and Mary Laurence what was involved in Mother Cope’s exhumation.

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