Costa Rica: Huge cracks began to show- A collapse in the street that connects the village of Perez Zeledon

San Jose (Editorial). A collapse in the street that connects the village of El Roble de Perez Zeledon with the rest of the county caused the residents of this sector were incommunicado.

“We went down the street and saw a few cracks, but since about 10 p. m. returned to the place to see and since the street was completely swamped. We are concerned because there is above passing vehicles and the only bridge still does not work because it being repaired, “said Victor Badilla, a resident of the community.

“We urge a way, since we are in time of harvest of coffee and we are concerned that we can not get,” he said.

What more uneasy neighbors is that since Wednesday School children are taught El Roble no precaution because the facilities are right next to the river and rain threatening to children.

“Now with that hole much less will have classes, because teachers do not have to spend. We are waiting to see what solution will give us, for no one can go through there, “said Ana Mora, resident of the locality.

Authorities still do not know how to repair the sinking.



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