Gallup: Romney Up 51%-46%

According to today’s Gallup tracking poll, Mitt Romney’s lead over incumbent President Barack Obama has stretched to a five point margin. Romney is now up among likely voters 51% to 46%. Yesterday, the tracking poll had Romney up by only three points, 50% to 47%.

The lead is broadening.

That’s no doubt due to President Obama’s insistence on going small with his campaign. From Big Bird to binders to bayonets to ads suggesting that voting for Obama is like losing your virginity, this campaign has minimized the issues the American people face. And it’s paying the price for it.

The trends are clearly against Barack Obama. It has been three weeks – the October 9, 2012, tracking poll – since Barack Obama was even tied with Romney. And after the final presidential debate, which liberals widely believed Barack Obama won, the polls have not shifted an inch overall.

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