10/27/2012 Poll:Obama’s Approval Rating Has Collapsed In The Past 3 Days

President Barack Obama’s approval rating has fallen to dangerous lows for historical precedent on re-election in just the past three days, according to Gallup’s rolling three-day average


Gallup’s daily tracking poll today — which also showed Obama losing 51-46 to Republican nominee Mitt Romney among likely voters — puts the president’s approval rating at just 46 percent.

That’s a staggering 7-point swing from Wednesday, when Obama’s approval rating sat at 53 percent. And it marks Obama’s lowest point since late September.

Obama’s disapproval rating, meanwhile, jumped to 49 percent. That accounts for another 7-point change since Wednesday, meaning the total swing has been 14 points. The disapproval rating is the president’s highest since mid-August.

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Audacity Of Hypocrisy http://www.AudacityofHypocrisy.com/2012/10/27/10272012-pollobamas-approval-rating-has-collapsed-in-the-past-3-days/

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