Florida: Another Major Newspaper Abandons Obama, Polls Show Romney Up

Last weekend, it was the Orlando Sentinel reversing its 2008 course by endorsing Mitt Romney for president.  Now the South Florida Sun-Sentinel is turning heads by following suit:

Brush away all the rhetoric, all the vitriol, all the divisiveness from the presidential campaign. To most Americans, only one thing matters — the economy. Four years into Barack Obama’s presidency, economic growth is sputtering. Family incomes are down. Poverty is up. Business owners are reluctant to assume risk in the face of unending uncertainty. Many are holding on by their fingernails, desperate for signs of an economic recovery that will help them provide for themselves, their employees, their customers and their communities. When President Obama came into office in 2009, the economy was in freefall and though untested, he inspired us with his promise of hope and change. Now, four years later, we have little reason to believe he can turn things around. So while we endorsed Obama in 2008, we recommend voters choose Republican Mitt Romney on Nov. 6.

In case you were curious, the Sun-Sentinel is hardly a right-wing outfit; as its editors mention in the excerpt above, they backed Obama last cycle.  Plus, the paper is based in Fort Lauderdale, which is represented in Congress by…Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  Floridians are hurting, so even some heavy MSM hitters in the state feel compelled to kiss their previous beau goodbye. I noted this in an update yesterday, but a new poll gives Romney a five-point lead down in the Sunshine State.  The Republican nominee is touring Florida today, holding three rallies with Sen. Marco Rubio (in Pensacola, Kissimmee and Land O’ Lakes).  According to Jim Geraghty’s top source, Romney is engaging in this big push with Rubio in hopes of “putting Florida away.”  If Team Romney can reach a point where they feel relatively comfortable in Florida, resources and time could be freed up to campaign more aggressively farther afield.

Read more at TownHall


Audacity Of Hypocrisy http://www.AudacityofHypocrisy.com/2012/10/27/florida-another-major-newspaper-abandons-obama-polls-show-romney-up/

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