Age of The Drone God: The Religious Worship of The President And The CIA

Age of The Drone God: The Religious Worship of The President And The CIA » Philosophers stone | Philosophers stone

Political systems that have as their foundation an absolute power over reality are cruel, merciless, and uncompromising with dissidents and heretics.

“Back in April and May, when John Brennan seized control of the drone targeting process purportedly in the interest of “showing the American public that al-Qaida targets are chosen only after painstaking and exhaustive debate,” an extensive NYT articleproviding a picture of drone targeting as done before Brennan had consolidated control of it–described Brennan in religious terms. Among other descriptions offered of the guy in charge of drone assassinations, Harold Koh described him as a priest.” – emptywheel, “The Moral Rectitude Assassination Czar,” October 25, 2012.

“It doesn’t require any conspiracy theorizing to see what’s happening here. Indeed, it takes extreme naiveté, or wilful blindness, not to see it.

What has been created here – permanently institutionalized – is a highly secretive executive branch agency that simultaneously engages in two functions: (1) it collects and analyzes massive amounts of surveillance data about all Americans without any judicial review let alone search warrants, and (2) creates and implements a “matrix” that determines the “disposition” of suspects, up to and including execution, without a whiff of due process or oversight. It is simultaneously a surveillance state and a secretive, unaccountable judicial body that analyzes who you are and then decrees what should be done with you, how you should be “disposed” of, beyond the reach of any minimal accountability or transparency.” – Glenn Greenwald, “Obama moves to make the War on Terror permanent,” October 24, 2012.

The post-9/11 White House is a tyranny that is every bit as monstrous and cruel as the Catholic Church of the Middle Ages, the Soviet Union, and other totalitarian-religious systems that have taken power by force and fraud.

Executions and state terrorism are the hallmarks of tyrannies that are based on grand falsehoods and ridiculous dogmas. In America, anyone who does not conform to the state’s version of history and accept its falsehoods as truths is branded as a terrorist and a conspiracy theorist.


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