Eyewitnesses describe ‘comet-like’ white fireball possibly impacting Southern Ontario, 25 October 2012

Meteor Sighting Reports:

25 OCT 2012 Ryan Keswick – Ontario, Canada 2140 Eastern

Duration: 2-4 seconds. Facing North, object was seen NW moving NE. Bright yellow, brighter than Venus. Yes, some parts fragmenting behind it. Object was very visible in the sky, even with lights from the town.

25OCT2012 davies – Barrie, Ontario, Canada 21:50:00

Duration: 3 seconds. Facing north. It looked like it fell down to the ground. White colour, no sound, very bright. It looked like it had a long tail of white sparks. It looked very close, like it would have fallen within 20 kms north of Barrie.

via Signs of the Times http://www.sott.net/article/252913-Eyewitnesses-describe-comet-like-white-fireball-possibly-impacting-Southern-Ontario-25-October-2012


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