A fifth state considers ban on sex-selective abortions

By: Charlie Butts


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Virginia has become the most recent state to consider a bill on
banning sex selection abortion. So far only four other states have
banned abortions made on the basis of the child’s gender.

Those states are Arizona, Illinois, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania.
Mailee Smith, staff attorney at Americans United for Life, tells OneNewsNow
sex-selection abortion is a gruesome practice, yet there is no way
to know how often it happens in the United States.

“Abortion providers are not required to ask the
reason women are having abortions, but what we do know is that
Planned Parenthood has released a statement indicating that they
will do abortions no matter what the patient’s reason is — even if
that reason is that the child is a so-called ‘unwanted’ sex,” she
says. (See
earlier article

Americans United has model legislation states can use to pass
the laws against sex-selection with key provisions for enforcement,
such as criminal penalties.

“[With those laws] if the state’s attorney finds out that an
abortion provider has been performing abortions based on sex, he
can bring criminal charges against that abortion provider,” Smith
explains. “There are civil penalties. A woman or her family members
can bring an action in a civil court and sue the abortion

Last year, on an international basis, an estimated 163 million
girls were killed through sex-selection abortions — and those
cultures, according to AUL, are represented in the U.S.


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