Fatah Mother places suicide belt on her child


“My mother dressed me in a strange belt (i.e., a suicide belt). I asked her: ‘What is this, mother?’ She said: ‘I will put it on you and you will go to your death!’

al-Fatah or the Hamas. It frankly does not matter. The enemies of Israel will continue to curse and kill heir own children.

The Facebook page for Fatah in Lebanon has posted this picture of a mother dressing her young son with a suicide belt.

Palestinian Media Watch has documented the ongoing glorification of violence and Martyrdom by the PA.

This picture was posted on the Fatah Facebook page together with an imaginary conversation between the son who is being sent to his death and the mother encouraging it.

“Why me and not you?” the child innocently asks his mother, who answers that she will continue to have more children “for the sake of Palestine”:

 ”My mother dressed me in a strange belt (i.e., a suicide belt).

I asked her: ‘What is this, mother?’

She said: ‘I will put it on you and you will go to your death!’

I said to her: ‘Mother, what have I done that you want me to die?’

She shed a tear that hurt my heart and said: ‘The homeland needs you, son. Go and blow up the sons of Zion.’

I said to her: ‘Why me and not you?’

She said: ‘I will stay in order to give birth to more children for the sake of Palestine.’

I kissed her hand and said to her: ‘Keep it up, mother, for you and for Palestine I will kill the impure and the damned.’

Fatah-Lebanon’s Facebook page

posted Sept. 3, 2012, accessed Oct. 28, 2012

Source: Palwatch.org

My comment:

al-Fatah was formed in 1964 for the purpose of getting rid of the Jewish state of Israel.

The Fatah mother in Lebanon is just doing what Yasser Arafat did. Trying to kill as many Jews as possible.

The political process which aim to create a two-state-solution is a hoax. It has never been the final goal for the Islamic movement, and never will.

The moment the state of Israel give a inch to the terrorists who kill for “allah”, the state become weaker. During the so-called Oslo-process the government of Norway deceived the Jews to accept Islamic terrorists to establish a base in Ramallah.

Today we see the fruits. Jihad is spearing like a cancer. First and foremost this cancer kill the Arabs in the name of “allah”. They have been deceived by a death cult who has Muhammad as their idol.

Take a stand against this evil, violent and wicked ideology.

Written by Ivar

Note from me:

I know this is unimaginably horrifying to America, but why?

We betray our own sons and daughters before they are even born as we TERRORIZE and MURDER them by surgically TORTURING them with a knife through their skulls or sucking and ripping them limb from limb out of the protection of their own mothers womb while they scream in mortal agony “MOMMY!!!” …… and they strap bombs to them and blow them to bits.

What’s the difference?

At least they only kill hundreds like this, we slaughter MILLIONS.



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